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Olympic Games: Nike outfits at the heart of a controversy

  • April 15, 2024
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American athletes refuse the outfits designed by Nike for the Paris 2024 Olympics

While the uniforms of the French Olympic team caused unanimity in France, the jerseys intended for American athletes aroused controversy.

Nike is once again in the spotlight of controversy following the presentation of the low-cut outfits worn by American athletes.

Women’s tunics in particular sparked heated controversy due to the cut considered sexist and outdated unlike their male counterpart.

Leotards are in fact described as indented at the pelvis and pubis.

American sportswomen visibly absent from discussions for the design of their model have denounced a priority given to appearance rather than sporting achievements.

Nike will therefore have to review its copy if the Brand wishes to see female athletes wear its outfits.

Jeux olympiques : les tenues Nike au cœur d’une polémique

The American outfits for the 2024 Olympics are controversial. -Nike/X

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