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on the occasion of the flag festival, Jean Henry Cant advocates a new Congress to face the emergency of peace

  • May 18, 2024
  • 5 Min
  • 17

On the occasion of the 221st anniversary of the national flag, Jean Henry Céant advocates a new Congress to address the urgency of peace

In a note on the occasion of the 221st anniversary of the Haitian bicolor this Saturday, May 18, 2024, the former Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant advocates a new Congress to address the urgency of restoring peace in the country.

Jean Henry Céant recalls in his note that the first Congress of Arcahaie was a unique page in the History of Haiti, from which it gives an edifying lesson of courage, harmony, sharing, generosity and of self-sacrifice, offered by men, women, fighters revolted by the inhumane conditions established by the slavery spirit of colonialism including racism, prejudices of all kinds, disproportionate economic interests, clan struggles.

“We have always understood that the current rescue of the Fatherland, the Union of the Haitian family, must go through another congress which truly draws its source from that of Arcahaie” specifies this note. She also recalls that in May 2010, the idea of ​​the Second Arcahaie Congress with the AIMER HAITI Collective was launched, an event which brought together more than 2000 delegates from the four corners of the country and the diaspora.

“Ce “Second Congress of Arcahaie” was part of the quest for a Haitian, intergenerational, intersectoral and intercommunity pact, for the construction of a modern society, justice and democracy, where all social categories have their place and in which the enlarged, educated, middle classes, responsible and integrated, play their historic role of mediation between the extremes and of social binder for renovative commoning, thus avoiding the excesses of the past” continues the note.

Jean Henry Céant recalls when he became Prime Minister, he launched, in November 2018, the national dialogue with the agreement of President Jovenel Moïse. “The document, still current, relating to a proposal for a Governability Pact has been delivered” he specifies, informing that January 22, 2019 revealed the deep divide that reigns in Haitian society as well as blindness and of the pusillanimity of politicians listening to the melodious song of sirens.

Furthermore, Jean Henry Céant specifies that 221 years later, the Haitian people are once again summoned at this critical moment in their life as a people to fight for Peace, Concord and the Happiness of the Haitian people, and faced with the scale of the development tasks to be accomplished, faced with the urgency of peace to be established, faced with the wounds here and elsewhere to be healed, Mr. Céant believes that no one can and must shirk their duties citizens of solidarity and mutual aid.

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