Open war between Tempête de Saint-Marc and Cosmopolite SC for one player!

The leaders of the Tempête de Saint-Marc have made a reservation regarding a player from Cosmopolite SC, in the person of Scarly Jérôme. The club accused the opposing leaders of having falsified a license to facilitate the player to play in the special national championship.

Is the cry of alarm from the Tempête de Saint-Marc a maneuver to recover second place in group B in order to obtain a qualification ticket for the play-offs?

According to the leaders’ note, the Cosmopolite SC technical staff fielded Scarly Jérôme in two (2) matches; against Baltimore and Rivartibonitian Sports Union (USR).

“Tempête FC wishes to inform the general public of the approach taken with the Standardization Committee and the ad hoc Organizing Commission concerning the worrying actions of Cosmopolite SC. »

“It was noted that Cosmopolite SC fielded Scarly Jérôme without the required authorization, while this player was not regularly registered nor officially qualified to appear on the club’s list during the matches against Baltimore SC and USR . It seems that the leaders of Cosmopolite SC falsified or manipulated a matrix with the player’s photo to circumvent the controls, thus deceiving the vigilance of the commissioners. » Note the leaders of the Tempête de Saint-Marc.

Due to the socio-political situation in the country, the Haitian national championship has been on hiatus for approximately three (3) years. National footballers did not depend on their respective clubs since they were not on payroll. The FHF through a press release announced that players must remain attached to their club even before the return of the special national championship.

Will the situation of tension between Tempête de Saint-Marc and Cosmopolite SC impact the play-offs? To conclude, the tempestists announce that, if the leaders of Cosmopolite prove the validation of Scarly Jérôme’s license, they will be publicly retracted.

“If we can prove that Scarly Jérôme was regularly registered and that he has the required qualification to be fielded in these two (2) matches, Tempête FC will publicly retract. Otherwise, we demand strict application of the regulatory provisions. »

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