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Pastor Julio Volcy writes to the political, religious, business, diaspora and civil society sectors

  • March 30, 2024
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Pastor Julio Volcy writes to Haitian Leaders, from the political, religious, business, diaspora and civil society sectors in general.

In an open letter written to Haitian leaders, the political, religious, business sectors, the diaspora and civil society in general, Pastor Julio Volcyfounder of the Rendez-Vous Christ (RVC) church in Delmas 75, asks them to overcome their division and work together to prevent Haiti from falling into chaos at a time when the situation is very critical because of the violence of gangs, political instability and the poverty that is tearing apart the Haitian population.

“On behalf of our ancestors and all those enduring this suffering, I implore you to overcome our divisions and work together to prevent our country from descending into chaos. Time is running out. The time is no longer for fiery speeches and excessive pride. Collective action, rapid and decisive, is now imperative for the salvation of our nation,” we read in this letter which raises collective awareness.

Pastor Julio Volcy reminds everyone how other nations see us. According to him, the United Nations paints a terrible picture: our hospitals are struggling to treat the injured, our schools and businesses are closed, and our children are trapped in exploitation by gangs.

Faced with this situation, the leader of the Rendez-Vous Christ church took advantage of this open letter to address the elites of our nation, in all areas of our collective life. “It is time for us to transcend our personal and partisan interests, to rise above our quarrels, and to unite to save our imperiled homeland. Fleeing abroad is not a viable option; to do so would be to abandon our duty to our people and our nation,” he wrote.

Furthermore, Julio Volcy welcomed the commitment of the international community, in particular CARICOM, the main actor in the establishment of a presidential council to replace Prime Minister Ariel Henry. However, the pastor believes that elites from different backgrounds must put Haiti above all else. “In this season of Lent, let us think of those who suffer, of those who have lost everything, of those who mourn their loved ones victims of blind violence, and above all, let us think of our children deprived of their right to education,” he pointed out.

Pastor Julio Volcy wrote this letter at a time when the country, particularly the Haitian capital, is facing gang violence which has already claimed several victims. For a month there has been total chaos in the Haitian capital with gangs burning, pillaging and killing. Police stations, schools, universities, hospitals and traders’ warehouses are not spared from this violence.

Julio Volcy invites the people to unite through love and devotion to our homeland. “We can overcome these challenges and build a prosperous and peaceful Haiti for generations to come,” he concluded in his open letter.

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