The Haitian women’s selection would miss the international break in April

Frédéric Gonçalves’ gang will remain without an international friendly match for the month of April, opportunities missed by the FHF. Leaders are overwhelmed by events.

The senior Haitian women’s selection will remain silent for this international break, which would be beneficial for the Grenadières in the FIFA rankings. Time for the coach to try out the new players. According to our information, 3 selections had offered friendly matches with Les Grenadières. These are Venezuela, Australia and Russia.

The 2 among the other conditions imposed by the Australian Federation are: Haiti must accept that the Australian coach makes as many changes as he wishes.

– The Australia vs Haiti match will serve as preparation to face Mexico. These conditions were categorically rejected, putting forward the thesis that 2 years later, Haiti beat Mexico 3-0. It’s not sufficient.

The Venezuelan selection: for some FHF officials, they find that the Venezuelan women’s team is too weak for Haiti. However, Venezuela is 52nd in the world in the latest FIFA rankings and Haiti 53rd. Are FHF leaders professional football technicians? Do they know all the players on the Venezuelan team?

The Haitian selection could have faced the Russian selection in a double confrontation. A missed opportunity since the FHF fumbles before deciding. The Russian federation takes the Ecuadorian team instead of Haiti, since the leaders do not decide. While putting forward the thesis of caution because of the latest terrorist attack perpetrated on the city of Moscow.

Out of 3 possibilities, a few days before the start of FIFA Day, the FHF is unable to grasp any of them. The selection must play to find its automatism. To have cohesion, you have to play, but the FHF decision-makers do not seem able to help the players refine their game for a better disposition.