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Prime Minister Garry Conille wants to recover the assets of the Prime Minister

  • June 6, 2024
  • 2 Min
  • 6

It was the Prime Minister’s Office which made the announcement in a note dated Thursday June 6, 2024. “The General Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office invites all public officials who have provided their services to the Prime Minister’s Office within the framework of a contract which has ended, to return to the institution all the materials and equipment, in particular the vehicles, made available to them, in accordance with articles 12 and 18 of the said contract”, we can read in the document.

In addition, the Prime Minister specifies that as soon as this is published, those concerned have 48 hours to comply. “Failing to comply, the Prime Minister reserves the right to use all legal means at its disposal to recover its property,” threatens the institution.

Please note that the assets of the Prime Minister’s Office must be reported to the Administrative Directorate of the Prime Minister’s Office, located at the official residence of the Prime Minister, in Museau, Delmas 60.

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