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Rachel Castin, the Guyanese of Haitian origin, a new voice for the Overseas Territories in the European Parliament

  • May 30, 2024
  • 8 Min
  • 16

Rachel Castin calls for support from the Haitian community and the Overseas Territories to find a place in the European Parliament

Rachel Castin, a young woman of 25, is running for the European elections in June 2024. Born in Guyana and of Haitian origin, she is the fifth of six children and she spent her childhood in Matoury. Passionate about writing, personal development, mindset and leadership, Rachel strives to encourage others to become the best versions of themselves. During an interview with Juno7, she called for support from the Haitian community to find a place in the European Parliament.

“I need 1 million votes (5%) for me to pass. We’ll do it together. It’s possible if we stick together! You must of course download the ballot here ( ).You can do it now, print it in A4 format, in landscape version to be able to vote for me”said Rachel Castin.

With an impressive academic career, Rachel Castin obtained her diploma with first class honors, a literary baccalaureate with American international option with honors, a Bachelor in political humanities and a Master in Finance and strategy (finance specialty) at Sciences Po Paris.

Rachel Castin launched into French political life in 2020. She participated in political meetings and demonstrations of various Caribbean, West Indian, Kanak, Haitian independence movements, as well as yellow vests. Her political commitment intensified in March 2024 when she decided to devote herself fully to her campaign for the European elections.

She is today secretary general of the New Patriotic Emergence party, motivated by a firm desire to raise the black community to a level of equality with others and to fight for a fairer world. Rachel Castin aims to represent the French Overseas Territories in the European Parliament, a region that she believes has been under-represented for too long.

Rachel Castin is experiencing her first electoral campaign with great enthusiasm and determination. Having started her campaign in January 2024, she is already well known to the Haitian community who have given her a lot of support. “I am counting on all Franco-Haitians to vote for me. I need 1 million votes, or 5%, to pass. Together, it is possible if we remain united,” she says.

His campaign, although carried out with modest means, is progressing well thanks to a strong message and concrete proposals for young people in the French Overseas Territories. Rachel Castin continues to call on her supporters to make donations and vote for her, hoping for a massive mobilization.

What motivates her to run for a position in the European Parliament is her desire to change things, to represent the French Overseas Territories, to promote balanced social justice, and to review the laws on private and public property, she said. told the Juno7 editorial staff.

A few days before the elections, Rachel Castin launches an appeal to the Haitian community in France and in the French Overseas Territories: “These are the most important elections! Even if you are far from Europe, you are European. You must vote to move things forward in our departments. We have the possibility of obtaining more funds for young people and the agricultural sector. Let’s go find them together.”

She insists on the importance of this election, calling on all Haitians in France and in the French Overseas Territories to vote for her. “Europe is powerful. This is the most important election. We must not remain in abstention.”

The feedback from his supporters is very positive. Rachel Castin receives a lot of support and love, not only from Haitians in France, but also from those living in the United States, Canada and the West Indies. This international support gives him hope and courage.

Rachel Castin reminds us that this vote is not only for her, but for everyone. “It is together that we will change things. I need you to be able to succeed. You are the one who has the power. I call on all Haitians in France and in the overseas departments, with French nationality, to vote for your 25-year-old little sister from June 6 to 9, 2024. Let’s move forward together.”

Those who are eligible to vote can download the ballot here .You can do it now, print it in A4 format, in landscape version to be able to vote for Rachel Castin.

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