The population of Solino and surrounding areas have been in difficulty since the evening of May 1, 2024. Armed gangs are continuing their offensive in these areas, pushing the population to escape in disaster. At the same time, leaders are arguing about sharing the cake.

While the Transitional Presidential Council is at loggerheads for a coordinator position and the appointment of a Prime Minister, the population of Solino, Delmas 24 and other neighboring areas are experiencing dark times with the gangs. armed men who target them. Since the evening of May 1, these populations have been prey to bursts of automatic weapons fire which disturb their sleep, forcing them to flee. As was the case for many neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince, these people are leaving these spaces by the dozens to try to save their skin. However, they do not have a thousand spaces to take refuge considering the delicacy of finding a family or friend who is still peaceful at home.

This area is not on its first attempt. It has become a habit for gangs to attack these residents whenever they feel like it. Despite everything, the population has always made the effort to stand up to them. But for how long in a context where the State is absent? Would they be able to maintain the defense of their neighborhood for much longer considering that the police have other priorities? In the meantime, their cry does not reach the ears of the new enjoyers of power who are too busy tearing each other apart over the exhaustion of the country’s meager resources for petty purposes.