Special national championship: Elyvens Dejean, scorer, ASC wins the Capois derby against FICA on the bare minimum

Pair Ken-Rick Ferdinand Joseph

For this 8th day, the long-awaited match between ASC and FICA is marked by an unparalleled rivalry. ASC barely defeated FICA 1-0 thanks to a goal from Elyvens Dejean in the 28th minute. The FICA is at an impasse, the ASC is taking a serious option for the play-offs.

Saint-Victor Park is packed to the brim to enjoy this great derby, the fans are motivated and the 22 actors are preparing to offer an unparalleled show. In a bustling park, Le Fica kicks off the match. The two rivals fight for possession of the ball. After several attacks launched by the two teams, it was Elyvens Dejean who opened the scoring following a pass from Christopher who led a counter-attack in the 28th minute.

The dove tries to react without worrying Yves Marie Clervin too much. In the 42nd minute, bib number 3 of the old rooster received a second yellow card, synonymous with red, thus forcing the old rooster to finish the first part outnumbered.

After returning from the locker room, John Sévère made several changes to try to reverse the situation. Clervius’ teammates were very solid. Deprived of Renel Cinéus, the FICA team struggled to plug the gaps in the ASC defense which played the second half outnumbered.

Indeed, ASC has taken a serious option for a qualifying place in the play-offs. Runner-up to Real Hope FA with 11 points, the yellow and black are ahead of Ouanaminthe FC.

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