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Hati -Crisis: GRAHN takes a stand!

  • April 14, 2024
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The Reflection and Action Group for a New Haiti (GRAHN) condemns the recent escalation of violence in Haiti, particularly in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area and the Artibonite department.

Faced with the threat of the collapse of the Haitian state, GRAHN calls for a national revival and self-improvement on the part of all parties concerned. In this deleterious climate where the common good is too often ignored, it is imperative, more than ever, that the interests of the Nation take precedence over individual interests.

Ensuring the safety of citizens and their property must be the top priority. Given the decline of the State and its limited resources, the support of international partners is essential to confront the crisis. At the same time, a reorganization of the state towards a more decentralized and more equitable structure is necessary. This requires first of all a constitutional reform to improve the functioning and quality of our institutions, then by honest democratic elections at all levels of the State but not necessarily all at the same time.

The Nation is in danger. Haitian society is collapsing. Acts of violence carried out with impunity are intensifying. The establishment of this anarchic climate is a responsibility shared between the authors of these acts and those who sponsor them or who allowed this situation to take hold, whether they are inside or outside Haiti. . It is also due to the inaction, carelessness and negligence of these actors, especially in imposing their calamitous choices on us through diktats.

GRAHN promotes a rule of law where every public office holder is held accountable, a state where the legitimacy of power derives solely from democratic elections. He denounces the exploitation of precarious social categories in the country and the transformation of it into a theater of illicit trafficking of all kinds. To restore the Nation, it is essential to promote education in all its forms, including education for citizenship, good citizenship, worship of the common good and equal opportunities.

For Haiti to recover, it is essential to establish good governance and relentlessly combat corruption. The new Haiti will emerge when the general interest prevails over particular interests, when the scientific spirit guides our actions, when integrity supplants corruption. Only in this way, Haiti will be able to regain its dignity and respectability in the concert of Nations.


GRAHN-Monde is a global citizen watchdog organization, wishing to contribute through thoughtful action to solving Haiti’s problems. It aims to be a non-partisan citizen movement, oriented towards the construction of a new Haiti based on law, sharing, solidarity, education, respect for the environment and the cult of the common good. GRAHN was founded in Montreal on January 20, 2010.