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The Civil Society Group advocates a consensus between the nine presidential advisors around the choice of a prime minister

  • May 3, 2024
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The Civil Society Group recommends a consensus between the nine presidential advisors around the choice of a new prime minister

The Civil Society Group (GSC), in a note on the situation, published this Friday, May 3, says it takes note of the consensus that has been found between the Democratic Resistance Platform (RED) political parties and groups, the Committed to Development (EDE) and Historical Compromise; Pitit Dessalinnes; Agreement of December 21; Collective January 30 leading to the choice of Edgard Leblanc Fils as Coordinating President of the Transitional Presidential Council.

The GSC has set out some principles which should guide the functioning of the Council. He recommends that consensus between the nine (9) members of the Presidential Council be given priority in any decision-making process of the CP. Apart from a consensus in the choice of the President of the Council, the election of the latter must subscribe to the principle of the majority of 4 members having the right to vote out of 7. The choice of the Prime Minister is made between three prime ministers on a list of 15.

For the choice of the Prime Minister, the GSC refers to article 6 of the agreement of April 3, 2024, specifying that the procedure leading to the choice of the Prime Minister of the transition goes through the following stages: The candidacy of 15 applicants for the more of which 9 are proposed by the parties to the agreement and 6 others submitted by other sectors of society; the pre-qualification of 3 prime ministers after analysis of their files. For the moment one of the names that comes up insistently is that of the former minister, Gérald Germain.

Furthermore, regarding the point of contention around the choice of Edgard Leblanc as president of the council, the Civil Society Group (GSC) indicated that the Presidential Council of the Transition cannot operate on the basis of a majority and a protesting minority, while the survival of the population is in danger.

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