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The History of Ptain’s Collaboration with the Nazis: A Warning to Core Group Settlers and Their Haitian Minions

  • April 3, 2024
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Philippe Bénoni Joseph Pétain, French marshal

Philippe Bénoni Joseph Pétain, French marshal, born April 24, 1856, was assigned as French ambassador to Spain when the Second Great European War broke out. Following the invasion of France by the German army, Pétain was recalled to the French government and later appointed president of the council. Shortly after, he entered into a collaborative relationship (in his own words) with Nazi Germany by signing, according to Hitler’s wishes, the armistice of June 22, 1940 with the Third Reich. In recognition of his full and complete collaboration with the occupier, Pétain was allowed to grant himself the title of head of French state; functions that he assumed during the four years of the Nazi occupation, from 1940 to 1944. The French leader’s alliance with the Nazis led him, upon taking office in 1940, to suspend fundamental freedoms, before dissolve unions and political parties. With the defeat of his Nazi masters, Pétain was dethroned by another putschist, General Charles de Gaulle, before being arrested and then tried for intelligence with the enemy and high treason in 1945. Found guilty of having committed the acts which were blamed on him, the French marshal was struck with national indignity and sentenced to the death penalty. Why am I interested in the fate of a general?

In my book entitled “Haiti: Cave of Charlatans” published in 2017, I advocated for a new constitution for Haiti. Among the proposals that I made for this constitution, we find the pure and simple elimination of political parties in the Haitian landscape, and the reestablishment of the death penalty only in cases of high treason. At the signing sale of this book in Montreal (Quebec) that year, a reader told me that she found my proposals interesting, but that she wanted to know why only high treason should be punishable by punishment. of death. I explained that when we betray a land steeped in the blood and sweat of heroes like Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Henri Christophe, by hiring ourselves from the owners of this deadly industry who sow mourning in the world and murder the humanity, such an affront to the honor and prestige of our ancestors must be punished with the highest degree of severity imaginable. I explained to him that it will be urgent, the day after the adoption of the new constitution, that we adopt a law to retroactively judge all the vagabonds who collaborated with the colonial powers who are working to destroy the country.

Indeed, today, the “Core Group”, through the slaves of CARICOM, calls on the Pétains of Haiti to collaborate in the establishment in Haiti of an illegal presidential council which has its origins neither in the Constitution and the laws in force in the country, nor even in the tradition and customs in Haiti. Over the last thirty months, this criminal association has been able to keep the cynical old man Ariel Henry in power, with the support of terrorists equipped with weapons of war from the United States, against the will and interests of the Haitian people. This dunce, in collaboration with his clique of bandits, consumed the country’s meager resources, while he spent all his time exclusively implementing the agenda of his masters to the detriment of the well-being of the Haitian people.

In two and a half years, he has not, once, taken a decision or a measure, however mediocre, to alleviate the misery of the Haitian people. Schools and universities are closed, women and children are being raped at a record level, the population is being massacred daily, terrorists who are wanted to pass off as gangsters are expanding their territory from one point to another of the country, people cannot get out of their shitholes, professionals of all categories are leaving the country en masse. Even the United States has decided to close its embassy, ​​even though it welcomes the work accomplished by Ariel Henry. We understood that Ariel Henry achieved his goals only by seeing his masters of the “Core Group” with the United States in the lead, defend his record loudly, and advocate for the continuation of his reign in defiance of the country’s constitution. No democracy for Negroes, while white people swim in illegality and criminality. In this sense, we can say that in Haiti, white supremacism is reaching its peak and international supremacists feel relaxed there.

Now, before we even have time to assess the damage of the last coregroup colonial government in the country and on the Haitian people, the criminal association strikes a major blow by mobilizing the thugs of the country’s phony political class to join their de facto presidential council.

The Haitian people now live under a dictatorial multinational occupation regime that enforces U.S. secret service regulations in Haiti, rather than the country’s constitution and laws. Haitians must revolt against this regime and, moreover, against all those who collaborate with the occupier. Indeed, by defining the criteria and imposing acceptance of the invasion of the country by foreign forces, as a condition for being part of this unconstitutional body, the “Core Group” operationalizes a total trusteeship of the country. Having obtained their mandate from the “Core Group”, the members of this de facto presidential council will inevitably, like the “tèt kale” thugs before them, apply the will of the “Core Group” to the country to the detriment of the interests of the people. Haitian. Moreover, in terms of decisions, we can say that since 2004, Haiti has been run by “foreign officials”. That they receive their colonial strategic mission from the “Core Group” is one thing. But how do these countries go about imposing the burden of salaries and wages of their “public servants” on the “poorest people in the hemisphere,” as they like to say?

When we think about it carefully, the Haitian people cannot accept even a tutelage that would be “beneficial” to them, or even one that only aims to reduce them to the rank of infantilized idiots and allow large American companies to come and restore slavery in the country. Consequently, I invite the conscious Haitian elite, in Haiti and abroad, to unite to defeat the “Core Group” project in the country. We must assess the costs of their evil actions on the Haitian people, and take all necessary actions for possible compensation. I also invite the entire people to draw up a register of all “patripoche” Haitians who collaborate with this evil entity and with all the people or organizations mandated by it, to be prosecuted for the crime of high treason.

When we spoke of a new constitution to lay the foundations of a new Haiti, we envisaged a document where we could put barriers to protect the Haitian people against the Pétains of Haiti. But alas, the United States and its Core Group allies seek to hijack the project by setting up puppet governments led by hardened colonized people with the aim of achieving opposite results. Here again, the Haitian people must not recognize any constitutional project carried by governments resulting from the maneuvers of the “Core Group”.

If the countries that are part of this entity, particularly the United States, want to do something useful for humanity, they must simply put a muzzle in the mouths of their dogs who are terrorizing Haitian children or ask them to sit down. .

Wilner Predelus, PhD

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Wilner Predelus PhD