Two Pillars of Real du Cap called up to the U20 Selection for the World Challenge

By Désilien Hendy

The Haitian U20 selection is preparing to enter the final qualifying phase for the 2025 U-20 World Cup, which will take place in Chile. This crucial phase, which will take place in Mexico, will see Haiti face Mexico on July 21. With this in mind, the technical staff of the Haitian selection summoned two young talents from Real du Cap: Rafa Intervil and Colo Myson. These two promising players have been selected to strengthen the team and help achieve the coveted qualification._

Rafa Intervil : Rafa Intervil is a versatile striker for Real du Cap, capable of playing in several attacking positions. This year, he finished as the best player in the Haitian D1, distinguishing himself for his ability to deliver decisive performances in crucial matches. Known to be a key element and a formidable opponent for opposing defenders, Intervil will bring his experience and his flair for goal to the U20 selection.

Colo Myson : Colo Myson, for his part, is an uncompromising defender who was named best defender in the Haitian D1 by several Haitian media. He is renowned for his exceptional vision of the game, his effectiveness in aerial duels, and his ability to neutralize opposing attackers one on one. His robustness and defensive acumen will be valuable assets for the Haitian selection.

Importance of Their Convocation

The presence of Rafa Intervil and Colo Myson in the U20 team is strategic. Intervil, with his ability to score and create opportunities, and Myson, with his defensive solidity, will provide crucial balance to the team. Their experience in Haitian D1 has allowed them to develop skills and maturity which will be essential to face high-level opponents during this decisive phase.

The call-up of Rafa Intervil and Colo Myson represents a significant addition to the Haitian U20 selection. As she prepares for the final phase of qualifying for the 2025 U20 World Cup. These two young talents from Real du Cap will bring their expertise and determination, strengthening Haiti’s qualification hopes. With rigorous preparation and a strengthened team, the Haitian selection is ready to take on this challenge and aim for a place in Chile in 2025.

Couple Desilien Hendy