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A stunning performance from ZAFEM Paris

  • May 9, 2024
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The Haitian Ambassador to France, Josué Dahomey, and his wife expressed their admiration and gratitude to the ZAFEM group during a memorable evening in Paris. With a symbolic wreath of flowers, the ambassador praised the exceptional performance of the group and underlined the importance of the album “LAS” in the Haitian musical cultural heritage.

In his speech, the Dahomey ambassador declared: “ZAFEM is much more than ZAFEM now. It’s our affair à tous. It is the ZAFE of the generation that has the chance to live the first moment of ZAFEM, as it is already the ZAFE of other generations that will come after us.

It is for this reason that the ambassador came to personally congratulate the group ZAFEM and send a very strong message to talented artists:

“Hats off! You are writing a new page in the history of Haitian, Latin American and even international music.
Hats off! You are the locomotive of a musical revolution of the compass which is taking place before our eyes.
Hats off! By singing ‘Dyaman Nan Bidonvil’, you become diamonds in the cultural life of an entire people and of each of us.”

The Ambassador concluded his speech by thanking the ZAFEM Group for their commitment to bringing the best of their art to the country.

“Thank you for offering the country the best in you,
Thank you for being an enchanted ZAFEM for us!”

This evening will be remembered as a moment of celebration of Haitian music and the country’s cultural heritage. The ZAFEM group continues to shine on the international stage, propelling the compass into new dimensions and inspiring present and future generations.

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