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Dominican President accuses Ariel Henry

  • May 11, 2024
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This is a shattering revelation from the Dominican president. Mr. Luiz Abinader told a newspaper that it was Prime Minister Mr. Ariel Henry who had wanted the Dominican government to close the border during the conflict over the construction of a canal on the Massacre River.

The president of the Zilé Foundation, Mr. Edwin Paraison, believes in the words of the Dominican president and hopes for a response from former Prime Minister Henry.

The former Minister Mr. Paraison recalls that the Dominican ambassador in Port-au-Prince had assured that the canal was the work of opponents wanting to overthrow the government of Mr. Henry. The diplomat reported the declarations of the Haitian head of government.

Mr. Paraison wonders about the circumstances of this revelation. He emphasizes that it cannot bring a breath of fresh air into the electoral campaign since Mr. Abinader is ahead of Lionel Fernandez by more than 17 points in the polls.

Former Minister Paraison believes that this revelation could even be detrimental given the importance given to national sovereignty.

Furthermore, no new provisions have been adopted by the Dominican government with regard to migration policy. Consulates are still closed and Haitians are not allowed to cross the border.

However, the Dominican government does not prohibit the entry of Haitians from other countries into its territory.

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