Foot-analysis: Between recalcitrance and administrative clumsiness, what is the truth behind the standoff between Tempête FC and the Cosmopolite Club?

At a time when national football fans are impatient for the playoffs to take place, where the spectacle and the stakes of each match will make the supporters emotional, Le Cosmopolite Sc finishing in first position defying the logic of Saint-Marcois football , and that Tempête FC was one of the first teams to accept the holding of this Special National Championship. If the Belle Column team was deprived of the playoffs, this would be a shortfall for the continuity of the Championship in terms of attendance at the field. In a remote duel, the Cosmopolite attacks Tempête FC with a complaint for influence peddling, which for its part counter-attacks and communicates to give hope of the playoffs to these fanatics.

Port-au-Prince, May 5, 2024.- Palpable tensions in the world of Haitian football: Cosmopolite SC openly demonstrates its irritation with the behavior of certain leaders of Tempête FC. In reaction to these allegations, he filed a complaint with the secretariat of the Haitian Football Federation (FHF).

At the same time, Tempête FC, seeking to dispel the clouds of uncertainty, issued a press release requesting an official investigation into the Scarly Jérôme affair. These steps illustrate the conflicts behind the scenes which complicate and charge the atmosphere in the arenas of national football.

In a complaint addressed to the General Secretariat of the Haitian Football Federation, a copy of which reached our editorial staff, two leaders of Tempête FC are accused. The first, the current president of Tempête FC, Mr. Nola Marius and/or Nola Ducasse, is suspected of having offered and distributed the sum of 30,000 gourdes to the USR players to motivate them to achieve victory against the Cosmopolitan SC. The latter is also involved in a ULCC report for corruption. The second manager cited in this correspondence is Mr. Chérilus Nicolas, who would have personally contacted the president of the USR, Mr. Peguy Noël, proposing to formulate a reservation on the Cosmopolite SC by promising to guarantee him the costs of depositing reserve.

These improper practices, long practiced in Haitian football, are however condemned by article 62 of the regulations of the special national championship, the regulations of the FHF and FIFA relating to bribes and trafficking.

In response to the Cosmopolite offensive, Tempête FC, in a note from its communications section, filed a complaint against the Cosmopolite managers who allegedly used a player outside of what is provided for in the regulations of the Special National Championship. The leaders of the Tempête are requesting a special investigation into the recording of Scarly Jérôme, to verify whether it was made in accordance with the regulations promulgated within the framework of the Special National Championship.

In a burst of digital revelation, a voice note circulating vehemently on social media reveals that Scarly Jérôme, when still a young football prodigy, was tied to a five-year contract with Tempête FC.

A practice boldly contrary to FIFA statutes. According to these same regulations, a minor player should not be chained to such an extensive commitment, thus revealing an administrative fault which seemed to be the favorite sport of the former administration (COCON, COCHAFOP). Ironically, this contract, which the leaders of Cosmopolite SC claim to have expired in 2022, flirts with the absurd by demonstrating once again the art of omission and flexible interpretation of the rules which characterized this bygone era .

If it is true that the first phase (back and forth) of the Special National Championship was a success on the field, until now no digital license has been given to the players, which represents a huge flaw in terms of administrative. Their statuses and identities are not clearly defined, which is detrimental to the work of the commissioners.

Once again, the young president of Cosmopolite, Eveno Destin, finds himself at the heart of a new controversy. Let us remember his previous clash with Hicaine LaFleur, who forced the Cosmopolite Club to leave its headquarters in Saint-Marc, all against a backdrop of administrative complications which could easily have been resolved amicably, if only the regulations had been applied with discernment. However, when you yourself are mired in the swamp of suspicion, it becomes perilous to pretend to impose the slightest regulation. Indeed, for the laws of the game to be respected, it is essential to be seen not only as a paragon of fairness but also as an actor who does not skilfully juggle the rules depending on the circumstances.

While Cosmopolite SC and Tempête FC adorn themselves with the trappings of “Club Solidarity”, proclaiming themselves champions of the same virtues of yesteryear, one wonders if these two teams will manage to avoid a public circus for the glory of this so-called brotherhood. Would it be possible for this matter to be treated with an ounce of fairness, or will the ghosts of reputation who haunt the corridors of the Haitian Football Federation decide otherwise?

Meanwhile, Tempête FC, armed with information perhaps coming from the depths of the Federation, secretly hopes to win the palm of reason. And to top it all off, if each club had deigned to follow the rules of the game, perhaps we would have been spared this tragically comical duel. Who knows ? In the great theater of Haitian football, the show must always go on, whatever the cost.

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