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Haiti: Gangsters target the Presidential Palace, set fire to an armored tank and injure at least 4 police officers

  • April 1, 2024
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A police patrol observed in the vicinity of the National Palace/ Photo credit: Stanley LOUIS

About a month after the attack on the civil prison in Port-au-Prince, armed bandits made the Presidential Palace their main target. In the middle of the day on Monday April 1, 2024, they besieged the area around the presidential headquarters, set fire to an armored police vehicle on rue Monseigneur Guilloux and injured no less than 4 officers in the same area.

THE HAITI FACTOR, April 1, 2024._For about a month, the Champ-de-Mars has been a battlefield between police and armed bandits. When gangsters launch attacks against certain state infrastructures built in the heart of the Capital, the Police and the Army respond in order to deviate their plan.

Indeed, similar armed combats broke out in the middle of the day of Monday April 1, 2024 in Champ-de-Mars and its surroundings where armed men targeted the National Palace in order to prevent the installation of the Presidential Council.

On the other hand, the police intervened to thwart the bandits’ plan. As a result of these armed clashes, at least four (4) police officers were injured, according to an article that the American newspaper Miami Hérald published in its columns.

Img 20240401 Wa1985
Gangs set fires in Port au Prince particularly in the area around Champ de Mars Photo credit Author unknown

In the process, the police officers suffering from projectiles were rushed to a hospital center in the Capital for treatment, reports the Florida media.

After opening fire on the police officers, the gangsters took possession of an armored vehicle of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) on board which were 5 agents on rue Monseigneur Guilloux, according to a voice recording of one of them going viral on forums including WhatsApp.

Img 20240401 Wa2060
Fire of a police vehicle by armed bandits claiming to be members of the 5 Seconds gang Photo taken from the circulating video

Minutes after forcing the police to abandon the armored tank that had broken down in the area, they set it on fire. Videos made by bandits wearing balaclavas and “khaki” colored uniforms confirm the facts. The latter identify themselves as members of the “5 Seconds” gang based in Village de Dieu, of which the man named Johnson André known as “Izo” is the boss.

Until around 8 o’clock in the evening, detonations were still heard on the Champ-de-Mars, particularly in the vicinity of the National Palace.

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