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Presidential Council: EDE denounces delaying tactics by zealous supporters of the resigning government

  • April 1, 2024
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Job Berçon, Departmental Secretary of EDE in the Center/ Photo credit: Bebynhio graphic

Despite the holding of several Councils of Ministers, the order to appoint the Members forming part of the Presidential Council would still have to wait. In reaction, the leaders of the Party “Les Engagés pour la Développement (EDE) in the Center, during a press conference on Monday April 1, 2024, denounce the maneuvers deemed to be dilatory by the fervent supporters of Ariel Henry and urge the Government to resign to publish in the next 72 hours the order for the Council to take office.

THE HAITI FACTOR, April 1, 2024._The political party “EDE” is one of the structures which have designated their representatives within the Presidential Council. After surveying Marie Gislaine Mompremier and Dominique Dupuy, the EDE/RED / Compromis historique coalition finally opted for Smith Augustin.

Despite the fact that the Council is complete, the lines are not moving because we are still waiting for the order relating to the appointment of members. Everything suggests that the Council of Ministers and the members of the Presidential Council do not speak the same language.

During a press conference given on Monday April 1, 2024, the Departmental Steering Committee of EDE in the Center took aim at certain zealous supporters of Prime Minister Ariel who reject out of hand the installation of the Presidential Council at the head of the country. They are Edmonde Surplice Bauzile, André Michel, Marjorie Michel and Fils-Aimé Ignace Saint-Fleur.

Img 20240401 Wa2729
Press conference of the Political Party EDE in the Center Department Photo credit Bebynhio graphic

The latter sent a correspondence to the President of Caricom, Mohamed Irfaan Alli to express their concerns and concerns regarding the existing discord between members. Based on this disagreement, these defenders of the resigned Government say they would like a judge at the Court of Cassation to be appointed to preside over the next political transition.

On the other hand, the Departmental Secretary of the EDE political party, in the Center, Job Berçon said he was granting the Government 72 hours to publish in the columns of the newspaper “Le Moniteur” the decree relating to the appointment of the members of the said Council. After this deadline, Job Berçon, Saintil Isaac and Robenson Joseph threaten to mobilize EDE supporters and sympathizers to return to the streets again to demand the release of the document.

And faced with the maneuvers of those close to power who are contesting the Council, while they have designated Dr. Louis Gerard Gilles as Representative of the Agreement of December 21, 2022, the leaders of EDE in the Center are calling on the population to vigilance, because the same people who were in power, they denounced, want to monopolize it. And this, they castigated, to continue to support the gangs who steal, pillage, burn down the country’s institutions and kill the sons and daughters of Haiti.

Job Berçon, Departmental Secretary of EDE in the Center/ Photo credit: Bebynhio graphic

At the end of this press conference, the members of the Departmental Steering Committee of the EDE Center spat on the proposal made by the allies of power at Caricom, opting for the appointment of a Judge to the Court of Cassation.

In their opinion, this is an approach aimed at maintaining power to continue to plunder the state coffers to the detriment of the population who, under the influence of gangs, are starving.

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