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Haiti insecurity: The USA decides to give 115 combat vehicles to fight against gangs…

  • May 5, 2024
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The United States has made the decision to provide Haiti with 115 combat vehicles in an effort to bolster efforts to combat gangs that have caused unrest in the country for many years. This initiative aims to support the Haitian authorities in their efforts to restore security and order in regions affected by organized crime.

American military aid to Haiti, valued at more than $60 million, includes 115 combat vehicles including 80 Humvees, 35 MaxxPro infantry vehicles, as well as sniper rifles and drones by the United States to the Police National of Haiti (PNH). By providing this military equipment, the United States seeks to contribute to the stability and development of Haiti, in collaboration with other international partners.

This decision is part of a broader deployment of the multinational force, approved by the UN, aimed at restoring security and order in Haiti. The arrival of the first equipment in Haiti and their delivery to the PNH mark a crucial step in this process, testifying to the realization of this commitment.

Through this military assistance, the United States affirms its desire to contribute to the stability of the country and the protection of its citizens against gang violence. This highlights the importance of international cooperation in resolving the security challenges facing Haiti, and offers hope for a safer and more peaceful future for its residents.

Mackenson PHANOR

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