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Haiti-Police: is this what we see?

  • March 23, 2024
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By Gotson Pierre

Port-au-Prince, March 23, 2024 [AlterPresse] — Is that what we see? Is it true that there would be another dynamic at the police level in Haiti, the absence of Ariel Henry, the de facto prime minister who resigned? He who played the role of president of the Superior Council of the police.

The weakness of the police appears at various levels. Several specialists underline the problem of effective, equipment, especially the problem of strategic reflection.

What we have always noticed is the absence of a consequential initiative in the face of the advances made by the gangs, as soon as they occupy most neighborhoods in the capital, and other regions of the country.

But these last days, and in the absence of Ariel Henry, the police developed several operations that seem to put the gangs in difficulty, even though they say it is not true. According to the forces of command, several heads have fallen. Among them, the 2 big gang leaders are known as Little Greg and Makandal.

Of course, what we see here could represent only a signal. Is this really good? We will know later. [gp apr 23/03/2023 10 :00]