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Is Bedjine really the music queen of the moment?

  • April 15, 2024
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Is Marie Bedjine Love David really the music queen of the moment?

Bedjine est-elle vraiment la queen de la musique du moment ?

bedjineofficiel / Instagram

In the Haitian musical panorama, a voice emerges with power: Marie Bedjine Love David better known under the name of Let’s go. This sensational singer captures the hearts of many music lovers thanks to her various songs which are played endlessly on the media airwaves and on music platforms.

Born in Port-au-Prince in January 1998, Bedjine has always been attracted to music since a young age. In less than five years, the young singer has already managed to find a place in the Haitian music industry. Some even tend to compare her with other artists because of the success of her songs which turn into hits.

His portrait is that of an artist who had the audacity to team up with K-dilak. Together, they formed a remarkable and formidable duo in the Haitian musical landscape. Bedjine’s imposing and vibrant voice transports listeners through the songs so appreciated by the public who often praise this pair without missing the opportunity to criticize them… rightly or wrongly.

But it is on the platforms that Bedjine particularly shines. The number of people who have visited these pages speaks for itself with several million views on YouTube. His clips captivate music lovers. Her songs, imbued with catchy rhythms and lyrics that are easy to remember or hum, make her a developing artist.

Speaking of numbers, the song “Everything is fine” has already been viewed 26 million times on YouTube in the space of a year. Guest on the new album of the group Ekip on the title “separation”this hit reached six million views three months after its release. “I want to kiss you” 8 million in 7 months, “Guilty” with the group KAI has 15 million views over two years. The Megahit “Why did we get married” in duet with K-Dilak has more than 25 million views in three years while the song “Kitanago” is at 13 million views.

Furthermore, as a rising star in this industry, the artist arouses admiration and enthusiasm wherever she performs. Her talent and motivation have led some people to place her at the top of the Haitian music industry over the past two years. A subject that is starting to cause debate among professionals. Some prefer not to comment and are waiting to see if the young singer will still be present in the spotlight with her teammate K-dilak in the years to come.

However, whether on stage or screen, Bedjine embodies the vibrant spirit and boundless passion of Haitian music. His charismatic stage presence and deep connection with his audience create a magical atmosphere every evening. Whether in small, intimate venues or at large festivals, the artist captivates his audience with his powerful voice and contagious energy.

His meteoric rise heralded a promising musical career and lasting influence in the recording industry. It’s almost a certainty that Bedjine will continue to illuminate the sector with her music. Is Bedjine really the queen of Haitian music? It’s up to you to answer.

Bedjine est-elle vraiment la queen de la musique du moment ?

bedjineofficiel / Instagram

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