Le Tempête wins the legal battle at the expense of Cosmopolites: Results and Sanctions

By James Bake

As part of the special national championship organized by the Standardization committee. The supreme football body in Haiti ruled in favor of Tempête against the Cosmopolites. The CSC was however qualified for the playoffs, unfortunately with this decision they will no longer be able to play the final phase for this year, until proven otherwise.

During the last match between the Cosmopolites team and the US Rivartibonitienne, the Cosmopolites team would have fielded a player not qualified to play based on his previous non-terminated contract with the Tempête. Therefore, according to the commission which manages the competition, we can read in the note. What follows The Cosmopolite loses by forfeit 3 ​​goals to 0 in favor of the US Rivartibonitienne. It should be noted that the commission also announced that the teams of Baltimore SC and Tempête FC will represent group B during the final phase. This updated ranking has been annexed to the official decision.

However, this decision was not only marked by the result of the match. Following this incident which occurred during the match, disciplinary measures were taken against the player Scarly Jerome and the president of Cosmopolites SC, Eveno Destin. Both individuals have been provisionally suspended from all football-related activities. In addition, the file was sent to the Disciplinary Commission for consideration of additional disciplinary and financial sanctions.

This series of measures underlines the importance of integrity and discipline in football, and reminds that infractions will not be tolerated. The consequences of these actions will undoubtedly have an impact on the future of Cosmopolites and on the conduct of future competitions. But according to the questions that arise in this complex subject, does the Cosmopolitan have enough material to appeal in order to overturn this legal decision. We just have to wait, the next few days promise to be hectic in the context of this special championship.

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