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Lyonel Trouillot | Paradox of time running out

  • April 2, 2024
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We will eventually arrive at this moment where Haitian politicians will have to offer proposals for transformation and management to the country.

A Council that is long overdue. Not by everyone. The idea of ​​appealing to a judge of the Court of Cassation – without seducing, nothing can seduce in such a situation – seems to a large number of citizens simpler, easier to put in place, and less politically risky. According to them, it would guarantee greater neutrality than this Council in the form of political sharing and some of whose “obligations” still seem to be dictated by the international powers which led to this political collapse. Which Council also gives a large place to PHTK in the multiple forms, false groupings and denominations that it may have found sometimes through trickery, sometimes through internal struggles to benefit from power.

The violence that continues. Fires. Assassinations. Exchanges between police officers and bandits. The victims of these exchanges, killed by bullets from both camps. From both camps. Which is unacceptable from the police. And also abuses committed by police officers taking advantage of the disorder to settle scores and increase their income. Corruption, arbitrariness, the police are not exempt. Does this mean that all police officers are corrupt? Of course not. In this process of destruction of Haitian institutions, honest police officers and civil servants are victims. However, in the recovery process, they will have to play a major role. We cannot put in place and bring to fruition a process of restoring political sovereignty without them.

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Poverty and precariousness are increasing.

The production of political, economic and social thought which is not favored by a situation which condemns us to being in the present. In the moment. Survival until the next day. We will eventually arrive at this moment where Haitian politicians will have to offer proposals for transformation and management to the country. Will they be ready? Or will they find themselves in the position of this head of state who, on the evening of his election, asked his chief of staff: “What are we going to do for them”?

Visible movement. Youth between flight and radicalization of protest speeches or individualist bias. The proliferation of new organizations which denounce and demand. What they are worth. The real number. The flight to elsewhere (temporarily stopped except for the sons of the rich who are taken by boat or helicopter of members). The thinking behind the slogans. Authentic points of view or a strategy to get noticed and subsequently fired. New SDPs or real radicalism. No one knows.

A few ministers who still dare to ramble. Act like. The rumor is that there are some who would like the Council or the future provisional government to keep them. They served the country so well. In this time that runs halted, flounders in urgency and slowness, the lack of self-consciousness also persists.

Par Lionel Trouillot

Cover image: People flee gang violence in Port-au-Prince in March 2024. | © Jean Feguens Regala/AyiboPost

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Poet, novelist, literary critic and screenwriter, Lyonel Trouillot studied law.

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Lyonel Trouillot