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New York | Trump Violated Billing Order Again, Judge Threatens Him With Jail Time

  • May 6, 2024
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Judge Finds Trump Violated Gag Order Again, Threatens Jail

In Haiti, Dr. Ariel Henry, former de facto Prime Minister supported by the United States for more than 30 long, fatalistic months for the country, had the immense luck of seeing his own judge come to question him at his home in Christmas, then whitewash it in the magnicide of July 7, 2021!

A New York judge ruled Monday that Donald Trump had violated the rule of silence for the tenth time in the bribery trial and threatened to jail the former president if he continued to do so. TO DO.

The move follows prosecutors’ allegations that Donald Trump violated the rule of silence on four occasions, including in the courtroom hallway. The judge ruled that Mr. Trump had done so in one of the four cases, when he claimed that the jury was mostly made up of Democrats and that he had been chosen too quickly.

“Going forward, this court must consider a prison sentence,” Judge Juan Merchan told the court. The judge said the last thing he wanted to do was jail a former president and possibly the next, but that the violations were a direct attack on the rule of law.
The gag order prohibits Mr. Trump from attacking potential witnesses and jurors, as well as prosecutors, court staff and their families.

However, Mr. Trump is allowed to attack Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat who brought the case to court, as well as the judge. The former president continued to do so on social media.

Last month, Mr. Merchan fined Mr. Trump $9,000 for violating the order nine times and threatened to jail him for future violations, if any. Mr. Trump paid the fines to a court clerk earlier this month. Prosecutors made their allegations about the new violations before the judge’s first order.