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Thus spoke Uncle Sam!

  • June 5, 2024
  • 11 Min
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The modernist discourse of the West towards Haiti only demonstrates the evil and malicious intentions of the colonial powers. Very often, they refer to moments of hardship, social misery, economic drift, procrastination, nebulous management of public funds, without revealing who are the dominant minds, thinking behind everything that happened yesterday and which is happening yesterday. happening again today. The tragedy of the Haitian people, victims of the war of decomposition that began more than 2 centuries ago, is to believe in these lying speeches. In fact, the colonial powers shaped the country to their liking. Haitians have become the wretched of the earth, left to their own devices, incapable of getting by, condemned to suffer misery, violence, disease, poverty, famine and political catastrophes.

To divest themselves of all responsibility, the colonial powers washed their hands like Pontius Pilate. And in each crisis, to maintain the status quo, they quickly create a new political instrument to maintain their control intact and restore the law and the established bourgeois order. It is in this context that we must understand the spokesperson for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, when he related in a press release “The United States congratulates the Haitian Presidential Transitional Council on its appointment of an interim Prime Minister. We urge the Council and incoming Prime Minister Garry Conille to work collaboratively, and engage all stakeholders in support of the Haitian people, who continue to suffer from the brutality of horrific gang violence.”

Violence and its share of atrocities and social inequalities have become the normality here. “ The United States encourages the interim Prime Minister and the Presidential Transitional Council to act quickly to appoint a credible, accountable, and inclusive government and a Provisional Electoral Council to enable free and fair elections, and the provision of security and services. basis to all Haitians. » Thus spoke Uncle Sam! And will this be enough to change the order of things, the mafia networks of imperialism? Obviously not!

These cosmetic changes, these crocodile tears from Uncle are only to mask reality. Isn’t it time to have a more responsible attitude, in order to remind Uncle that the heavily armed gangs as they are called are not the first executioners of the Haitian people. They are, in reality, the emanation or result of his antisocial policy in Haiti and they did not participate with the American Marines on December 17, 1914 in the theft of 500,000 dollars from the National Bank of Haiti. Certainly, their actions are to be deplored, but these armed groups are not the main responsible for the closure of national production factories such as: Aciérie d’Haïti, Minoterie d’Haïti, Ciment d’Haïti and all the sugar factories of the countries in particular, Hasco, Centrale Dessalines des Cayes, Welsh in Cap-Haïtien and that of Darbonne in Léogâne, etc. which, in time, employed thousands of workers.

The gangs are the living expression of concrete decomposition of society, they are the direct result of multiple military interventions, international missions and the political interference of imperialism, the UN and the OAS in the country. The real gangs to fight are the imperialist monsters who have torn the country apart. The most dangerous, the most criminal gangs are those formed in Uncle Sam’s political laboratories. They are the ones who favored the emergence of these armed groups by institutionalizing bad governance in the country to facilitate the entry of weapons clandestinely while fueling splits, rivalries between factions of anti-national elites, followers of neoliberalism to better reign over this so-called lost territory or failed state that is Haiti today.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of men and women, professional workers and many young people who wander the streets without any job or social security.

To better exploit the people with complete impunity, no prospect of development, even the most paltry, has been encouraged other than that of constantly increasing unemployment. In less than about thirty years of this infernal spiral, nearly a hundred national production sites have been closed at the request of pro-Western international financial institutions like the IMF (International Monetary Fund) or completely destroyed by the bad governance instituted by the experts of a leech system, of a vindictive capitalist and colonialist system deciding to make Haiti an example of bloody, irreparable chaos. Thus, she will never be able to emerge from her agony, or even rise from her ashes.

What conscious and consistent Haitian citizen is not outraged by the fate of the great disadvantaged and impoverished masses of the country? If Haiti has arrived at this painful crossroads, the fault largely lies with the powers which prevent it from projecting itself towards the future and the modernization of its institutions synonymous with a better tomorrow for all its inhabitants. Haiti is a country that is forbidden even to choose its friends. Whereas, the puppets imposed on power like the minions of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister cannot say anything or find this imperialist diktat completely normal.

As for the planned intervention of the Uncle, it would only be to safeguard the interests of the great exploiting colonial powers, that is to say, the real gangs which have sowed terror in Haiti for more than a century of domination. . The facts establish that it is to guarantee its survival and its policies of pillage that the imperialist system unleashes the barbarity of the deployment of the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti (MMAS) to better repress the organized oppressed masses, that their conscience falls to the task of liberating the country from the anarchy produced by imperialist oppression.

This hypocritical intervention has the sole objective of establishing a more reactionary regime, more in line with its rules and more docile to the interests of imperialism. Faced with what must be called a colonialist conspiracy, the most serious that the country has known, the true progressive and revolutionary forces must act as quickly as possible to defeat Uncle Sam’s design.

This is how the descendants of Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Charlemagne Péralte must speak!

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Berthony Dupont