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Badamay, a talent to follow closely

  • May 6, 2024
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Originally from the city of Léogâne, Badamay, whose real name is Mackendy Leriche, evolves timidly among Haitian rappers. With his talent and exceptional voice, the artist has weaved over the years a story of love and passion with rap.

Badamay is a talented artist who charmed the audience with his voice and stage presence. Over the years, music has become for him a means of expression, a refuge. He draws his deep personal inspiration from the love and memory of his late brother, Richard M. A brother who, unfortunately, was swept away too soon by the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, leaving behind an indescribable void but also a precious musical heritage for Badamay.

His encounter with music

It was thanks to Richard that young Mackendy discovered his path in music, through the captivating rhythms of Jamaican artists from the 90s-2000s that his brother listened to. This shared passion has transcended time and guided the artist on his path. Badamay tells us that his brother, fond of music, always had his little radio within reach. He always found himself alongside his brother for these musical escapades, but being shy, he did not sing. Then came the day when his brother discreetly observed him singing and confirmed his talent, amazed and won over by the little one’s voice.

This is how, encouraged by this brother who then baptized him Badamay, the young singer finally dared to explore his vocal talents, discovering for himself the path that captivates. Subsequently, influenced by artists and groups, such as KingPosse, R Kelly, Beenie Man and Sean Paul, Badamay embraces musical diversity without borders. Badamay is able to sing in both Creole and English, comfortable with hip-hop, reggae, RnB, merging genres to create a unique sound of his own and establishing himself as a true artist versatile.

For Badamay, music goes beyond a simple source of entertainment. According to the native of Léogâne, it is a powerful tool for conveying messages, for raising awareness and encouraging action. Through his songs, he addresses sensitive and engaged subjects, from the fight against violence against women to criticism of his country’s politics. He refuses to dance to the sound of division and calls for unity and progress.


Although he doesn’t have a full-length album under his belt yet, Badamay has a string of impressive singles and notable collaborations that have served their time and proven the artist’s talent. In his personal repertoire, there are evocative titles “Pwoblèm pi rèd”, “Nou pran nan zip”, and “Kilès”, a lyrical piece, which even the children of the city hummed when it came out.

After 2010, the Creole rap movement experienced considerable growth in the city of Anacaona where several groups were born. But according to public clamor, two of them had risen to the top, they were The Kings and Zo Kràn, a bit like Barikad Crew and Rockfam. Thus, Zo kràn, a legendary group from Badamay, shook the Palmes region for several years. Which was a real hour of glory for them. Several of their titles were proven successes, including “Podyab Ayiti” and “Kolangèt” which was even included in a mixtape by Carrefour DJ TonyMix at the time.

Among his most notable collaborations, Badamay tells us about the one with Fantom Papa Rap La on the album Salute 1, a promising artistic alliance which unfortunately did not see the light of day due to certain circumstances. But we find the BPC rapper on a track from the group from Léogâne which also features the voice of Dutty, also titled “Prè pou Batay”. The self-proclaimed King Wendyyy also appears on “Floch”, a music video by the group which was a huge success upon its release.

Beyond the talented artist

Daily challenges have never dampened Badamay’s determination on his path. Even in the darkest moments of his life, his music shines with an unquenchable light, preaching hope and resilience to his brothers and sisters. Father of a family and citizen of his town, the artist strives daily to stay on his line, faithful to his convictions.

On stage, Badamay embodies the very essence of the artist, vibrating with energy and passion, captivating his audience with every note. But outside the spotlight, he remains humble and authentic, a simple soul guided by his faith in music and humanity. Testimonies from his neighbors say that he embodies respect for everyone, without exception. Furthermore, he is someone who likes to hold hands with others whenever possible. His home is often transformed into a real studio, a real training field where several local artists sharpen their weapons, train before moving on to other horizons.

In the studios, Badamay shapes his songs with care and precision, aware that each note and each word carries the power to touch hearts and change minds. Because for Badamay, music is not just a passion, it is also a vocation. Currently in the studio for a demo, he assures us that the public will appreciate it. And although he is not yet widely known as his talent deserves, his influence and impact are already felt far beyond the confines of his city. Badamay remains an authentic and modest artist, a rare star, but above all a sure voice for muffled voices.

Source : Celebrity Magazine

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