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For incompetence, the SPNH calls for the immediate dismissal of Frantz Elb at the head of the PNH

  • May 12, 2024
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The National Police Union (SPNH) demands the dismissal and arrest of the Director General of the PNH, as well as the departmental directors. Indeed, the police union sharply criticizes the police chief, Frantz Elbé, for his inability to lead and his incompetence at the head of the police institution.

According to the SPNH, the commander-in-chief of the national police would be in collusion with the armed gangs who terrorize the population. Based on this observation, the union maintains that the presence of Frantz Elbé and his team at the head of the institution represents a danger not only for the PNH, but also for the country.

This request for revocation comes in a context where the international community, notably the United States, is providing aid to Haiti to strengthen its police in order to fight against armed gangs who terrorize the civilian population.

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