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General Hospital | Reopening on April 1, the HUEH union does not believe in Jude Milc’s April Fool’s joke

  • March 28, 2024
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Thursday March 28, 2024 ((rezonodwes.com))–The president of the Union of Health Workers of the General Hospital believes that it is impossible to resume activities in Hueh on April 1, as announced by Dr. Jude Milce.

Evelyne Fremont wanted to dismiss this April Fool’s joke, citing the deterioration of the security situation not only throughout the country but also around the HUEH.

She expressed this position in reaction to the announcement of the hospital’s executive director, Dr. Jude Milcé, who has already completed his 365 days at the head of this hospital where patients “come to die”, sadly declare trade unionists seen the working conditions of this institution.

It should be noted that the announcement with great fanfare of this reopening of activities at HUEH does not mention the completion of the infrastructure work begun under the Tet Kale1 Martelly-Lamothe administration.