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Hati: Fonds-Verrettes, a rudderless commune

  • June 8, 2024
  • 4 Min
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The current municipal cartel of Fonds-Verrettes has lost two members for a very long time. In fact, this is an open secret because the Fonds-Verrettians know that the mayor assessors, in this case, Jean-Hubert Charles and Thomas Chéry, are absent. Thomas Chéry lives in the United States, awaiting permanent resident status.

THE HAITI FACTOR, June 8, 2024._This is one of the reasons behind the dysfunction of the cartel chaired by Viola Jean-Gilles. This, however, does not prevent the mayors in question from receiving, with complete freedom and peace of mind, salaries and expenses, and finally, enjoying the set of privileges that their “positions” respectively confer on them.

Treated as poor relations, the 70 thousand souls, who still breathe in the commune, do not know where to turn, since the administrative staff as well as the road section completely desert the place.

As a result, the city finds itself in a state of critical unsanitary conditions, visible to begin with, within the city hall’s own walls. The absence of preventive and appropriate decisions on the part of this puppet cartel, causes enormous damage and losses, with each rainy downpour. Strangely, Mayor Viola Jean-Gilles and her peers display total indifference in the face of this lamentable situation.

The administrative complex which houses 5 state entities including the national identification office (ONI) and the peace court fulfill their missions in the dirt. Moreover, piles of rubbish are strewn in the busiest streets and too often serve as signs or addresses.

This observation does not fail to arouse the anger of citizens, expressed through social and development organizations, working on the ground, such as: the coalition of Fonds-Verrettes en marche and the Fédération des Jeunes pour a new Haiti.

At present, these structures say they are betting a lot on the next transitional government which must right the ship and finally provide this Municipality with a council capable and committed to putting common interests ahead of petty individual objectives…

Gilbert Cicero, Journalist-writer.


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Le Facteur Haiti