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Outside imperialism and its Presidential Council with

  • March 27, 2024
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Birds of a feather always flock together. Haitian political figures with the same class inclinations and who nurse from the same imperialist breast seek each other out. But that’s not all, they are just crabs in a pond, each experiencing astonishing ease in tearing each other apart instead of agreeing on any national issue that concerns the country. Very significant of their casualness and cynicism, these conditioned and manipulated individuals or under orders managed after the fall of de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry to sneak into power while trying to deal a low blow to the people.

After several years of sham negotiations, with the mediation of the guardian powers, it is very obvious that bad governance and political conflicts are, among other things, still elements of the imperialist strategy to destabilize the country. This is all the more true, the absence of the Prime Minister did not weaken the anti-change forces which supported him. Very quickly, imperialism gave birth to another charade of a Presidential Transitional Council with the intention of continuing its work with other instruments in its arsenal.

This is how a group of individuals from the traditional political class were brought together in a circle in order to bring Washington, Paris and Ottawa to exert their pressure on all plans and at all levels by authorizing the exploiting forces to be more arrogant and more threatening than ever against the people sinking into poverty, and for whom future prospects are more and more reduced, if not non-existent.

What lies behind this Presidential Council affair is perhaps even more scandalous than we think. This is arguably not just the other side of the political coin whose goal is to starve us further and secure the interests of the United States government through another classic military intervention. This formula of collegial presidency is put in place to renew the interference and domination of Washington over Haiti under a new facet but with the same forms of exploitation of man by man and all forms of oppression having aimed at satisfying the interests of the local wealthy and foreign vultures.

This Council exists only to confirm the extent of the decay of national institutions and the decrepitude of the country’s political life. It illustrates that we are currently at a crossroads, where we cannot find a single responsible, sufficiently credible and honest person from the political class who can worthily represent the people with their aspirations and demands. This means that the final objective is clear: to obstruct the popular struggle and regenerate the corrupt system in place.

This dishonest act constitutes a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Haitian people, and in these conditions, we must clearly denounce this shameful drift undertaken today by the West, in particular the United States under the umbrella of Caricom. We must categorically oppose it!

The people must take to the streets in imposing numbers to say NO to imperialism and its henchmen. This Presidential Council is not his! In any case, it does not exist in his name! And for the unconditional defense of national sovereignty “Out of Haiti, American, Canadian and French troops!” »

Driving out imperialism is the only condition for obtaining peace, bread, health and work. In short, whatever we want in the interest of the popular masses.

In reality, what is being prepared is a vast project aimed at the destruction of the inalienable rights of the working masses. This process actually aims to establish anti-popular power through American imperialism with the complicity of the Haitian political class. In truth this new occupation will first be directed against the popular movement heroically resisting the social catastrophe into which the population has been plunged. It is against this mass movement that this probable military intervention will be channeled, to thwart the massive advance of popular protest against the parasitic political class which is no longer viable, but which imperialism needs to resuscitate.

Shame ! Anathema to all those who, instead of fighting this criminal machine, prefer to join it in crushing all attempts to organize the proletarian masses. It is in the light of the attitude of the Fanmi Lavalas party, Accord Montana, Pitit Dessalines party, OPL, Ede, to name only those that we must discredit them, discredit them. None of these parties or movements can claim to represent the aspirations of the working people, when they shamelessly pledge allegiance to the great enemy of humankind. These opportunists with indecent service will not wait long to be rejected like Ariel Henry.

Currently, the urgency is to break up. The urgency is the founding of a new democratic Republic by the people and for all Haitians. The urgency is to fight the laboratory that poisoned us and which returns to the crime scene as our savior. The attitude of the working class movement in the face of its class enemies is to continue to organize and unite around the slogan of popular resistance to make the project of Popular Revolution effective.

Should we remain prisoners or slaves of a system that has ruined us and will not solve any of our problems? No, definitely No! Any Haitian solution must be the work of the working masses themselves, not of the ruling class, waste product of the execrable policies of the United States of America.

At present, in the hope of eliminating the sad and unjust perspectives guided by imperialism and its internal agents which are emerging against the Haitian people, the essential for the popular masses who have consented to heavy sacrifices, Fighting for national liberation is not the fight of the crabs in the Presidential Council, but rather to organize more in order to destroy this formidable machine of political recovery.

With all due respect to those who would like to continue to strengthen the status quo, the slogan of the moment is: Out with imperialism with its Presidential Council to put an end to this domination of misery, exploitation, humiliation, carelessness and of total destruction towards the underprivileged masses.

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Berthony Dupont