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Ption-Ville on the verge of being a lost territory, around twenty deaths in 48 hours

  • March 20, 2024
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For the third consecutive day, this Wednesday March 20, 2024, Pétion-Ville was the scene of armed violence. At least seven (7) dead bodies were noticed in several streets of the town.

Armed men traveling on foot were noticed in various streets of Pétion-Ville this Wednesday. The tension was palpable. Commercial businesses had to lower their iron curtains. Informal commerce was paralyzed, as was vehicle circulation.

After the very restless night of Tuesday, the Péguy-Ville area, precisely the surroundings of Bristou and Ruelle 4, were the bastion of clashes between police officers and armed bandits. According to residents of the area, the police intervened after a notorious bandit who had been on the run for more than a year returned there. The boss in question was the right-hand man of former police officer turned gang leader Alex Dumornay, shot dead in Pétion-Ville in exchanges of fire with the police in January 2023.

In 48 hours, around twenty deaths were recorded in the town of Pétion-Ville, prey to violence orchestrated by armed men. Among the victims is a national police officer, Anel Noël. He was assigned to the Prime Minister’s office, according to the national union of Haitian police officers (Synapoha).

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