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Singer Michel Sardou announces his final retirement

  • March 27, 2024
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All good things come to an end, just like the career of French singer Michel Sardou. Indeed, after 60 years at the top of French music, Sardou intends to end his career following, of course, these next two shows, reports Le Parisien.

Song and theater combine in the past for the singer-actor. After 60 years in the service of French culture, the septuagenarian feels the time to retire has arrived. A few years earlier, Michel Sardou had already announced the end of his career. This time it’s done! : “Song and theater are over. Serious. On March 30, I am on vacation, retired.”

Just after the two shows in Paris La Défense Arena the voice of the song “La Maladie d’Amour” goes on vacation which is synonymous with retirement. The ultimate reason for this retirement is linked in particular to a sort of fatigue, reports Europe1. “When I come off stage, after two hours, I’m done. And then, the road, the hotels, I can’t take it anymore…” confided the artist.

The singer began his artistic career in 1967. Now aged 77, Michel Sardou has a rich discography that includes 26 studio albums that appeared between the years 1970 and 2017, 19 live albums that appeared between 1971 and 2018, also he has more than 70 singles and more than 20 official compilations.

Source: Celebrity Magazine



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