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Lyonel Trouillot | Alas, my good doctor, Ariel Henry!

  • March 12, 2024
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Ariel Henry, “choul white”. In his case, it’s not a judgment, it’s a synonym

Doctor Ariel Henry, it is not in vain to recall his true quality, has provoked so much contempt and hatred that he has undoubtedly not finished collecting insults and caricatures. Big head, atrophied body, roaming the sky, in a broken plane, “lost territories”, he will remain in history the most hated and the most pathetic of Haitian political leaders. He never represented anyone, neither a social group nor a political ideology.

Ariel Henry, “choul white”. In his case, it’s not a judgment, it’s a synonym. He was just that, perhaps we should have waited for him to invent the expression. “Tchoul blan”, he had accumulated two apparently contrary statuses and attitudes: docile slave and absentee governor. Popular pressure, gang violence, his masters ordered him to resign. From his fraudulent installation to his fall from pariah-outcast, he has never done anything but obey his masters.

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Under the orders ofHelen La Lime (we can easily imagine their two masks as a couple in a carnival parade) and from a few embassies, he had taken a people as a negligible quantity. Blood, poverty, all institutional life destroyed, nothing that happened to Haitians affected him. He was content to go as often as possible to a particular embassy or to the head of the United Nations mission to seek orders and comfort. That was Ariel’s thread.

Blood, poverty, all institutional life destroyed, nothing that happened to Haitians affected him.

Platitude, indifference, insignificance, stubbornness of voluntarism with catastrophic consequences, Ariel Henry was NOTHING, a nothing that cost too much.

When the ignominy is such that we cannot find in a character the slightest reason or positive action, the only defense he has left can only come from magic or science fiction. If anyone intends to save her from opprobrium and ridicule, there remains only one strategy: to say that the creature who raged for two years in Haiti was not Doctor Ariel Henry, formerly a Haitian citizen elevated to the rank of notable, but a clone manufactured in an experimental center of an imperialist power. A hastily assembled puppet that its postmen have just deactivated.

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His local accomplices remain. In the popular imagination, some have already joined the pantheon of ridicule and villainy. Is it appropriate to bring them together in a photo with the caption: group portrait with handcuffs? Or to let them discuss with themselves their appetite for money, their vanity and their baseness? What a curious boast: subordinates of a subordinate…

His masters also remain. The only service that Ariel Henry, clone or bad man, could render to history would be to tell us in detail what his masters told him, La Lime, such embassy. Not that we would be willing to take such a man at his word. He was, above all, a specialist in lies. Perhaps in the flow of true and false information, we would find clues to the motives of hatred and domination which have led States and international institutions to impose on us, against our will and all principles of dignity, for a time already. too long since the first day, a puppet without escape, without compass, without allure, accompanied by a band of clowns and highway robbers.

Alas, my good doctor, even children know it. The fate of any broken toy is to end up in a trash can.

Par Lionel Trouillot

Cover image published by AyiboPost showing the desolation of resigning Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Watch this video to discover the political origin of the character “Chaloska”, this famous character whose disguises are often present in carnivals in Haiti:

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Poet, novelist, literary critic and screenwriter, Lyonel Trouillot studied law.

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Lyonel Trouillot