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Haiti-Crisis: The Presidential Council works orally

  • March 27, 2024
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While waiting for the election of the President to bring his boat to fruition, the Presidential Council (CP) gets to work. In a press release in Creole published on Wednesday March 27, 2024, the presidential structure, although in discord, takes stock of the socio-political and security situation in the country and announces its major projects to be carried out after the installation of the members.

THE HAITI FACTOR, March 27, 2024._While the members are not on the same wavelength for the choice of the President, the Presidential Council (CP) designated with the approval of Caricom, takes its first action officially.

At the very end of the day on Wednesday March 27, 2024, the Council published a press release signed by the 7 members through which, the latter, first of all, say they are aware of the situation that Haiti is going through.

Thus, through the said press release, the members of the Council say they renew their determination to relieve the suffering of the Haitian population who, according to their declarations, are exposed to all kinds of violence in disregard of their daily needs because of bad governance.

Then, the possible future provisional leaders of Haiti showcase a whole range of projects on which they will have to work after taking office.

From the outset, after the installation of the members, the Presidential Council will appoint a Prime Minister to form a new Government in order to put the country back on the path of Democracy, stability and dignity, between others.

To this end, the criteria and mechanisms leading to the election of the President of the Presidential Council, the appointment of the Prime Minister and the Ministerial Cabinet have already been developed.

Faced with the current situation, the presidential structure calls for a common front for the execution of a plan to restore public order and democracy to guarantee the security of the lives and property of the population.

This approach will facilitate the holding of the next free elections and the reforms necessary for Haiti’s progress, they write.

Also, a document relating to the organization and mode of operation including a transparent political agreement with the participation of all actors involved in the process is being finalized, according to the Press Release.

The members of the Presidential Council took advantage of this outing to salute the courage and work of the police officers who are campaigning to enforce the law by securing public institutions despite the demonstration of armed bandits.

Ultimately, the Members of the Presidential Council, still unable to reach a consensus around the choice of President, call for unity to resolve the crisis for collective well-being.


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